Every cloud has a Sylvia lining.

Standing her ground
I previously posted about Sylvia Hermon, and the difficulties of her standpoint, especially through her constant support of Labour, public sniping of the Conservative and Unionist link up, and the constant flip-flopping of will she or won't she stand for election.

What is really interesting is that it will be the first real, normal UK wide political election Northern Ireland has ever seen (At least within living memory). Does North Down want a Labour MP or a Conservative MP?

The DUP are in a bit of a quandry (maybe they are not and have their plans of action all drawn up).

It seems to be pretty plain they will not run a candidate. DUP MPs have been duly noted as getting on in a friendlier fashion with Sylvia recently. So what will they do?

The DUP have a number of options, including:

  1. They simply sit back and allow their North Down voters a free vote. This may allow them to hedge their bets without stepping on anyone's toes.
  2. 'Officially' or even 'unofficially' support Sylvia. This would be an attempt to give the UCUNF project a very bloody nose. A fair enough standpoint to take after the 'Thanks, but no thank's' talks on 'Unionist Unity'. Tactically? lovely revenge. Strategically? Maybe not the best idea.
  3. 'Offically' or even 'unofficially' support Ian Parsley. Maybe, but can't really see it happening. It would be a great lift for all in North Down, and the DUP could gain local Kudos from voters in the long term, especially in the Assembly elections next year. But politics can be fickle.

So.  North Down.  Any betting people out there??  What are the odds?



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