Loneliness of a long distance daddy daycare


Inge Radford (a Holocaust survivor living in Northern 
Ireland) and me at the launch of the Anne Frank + [You}
Exhibition in Strabane's Alley Theatre.
Well, I have suddenly noticed I have not been blogging for a couple of weeks. And as the cat says 'Oh Noes'!

I still have a load of opinionated posts to put up, and I would not want to stop the world from receiving my inane mutterings. So why the long absence?

One part was being a bit tired after the election, and not being enough of a political geek to keep going I had a small break and to focus on family time again.

And this leads me on to the next few reasons why I have not bothered harassing anyone in the virtual world. I have become a daddy daycare to my two wee bairns.  

Bizarrely it has been financially advantageous to do this. And no I am not sponging. Roughly it cost £1200 a month to pay someone else to take care of my two girls.  Add onto this diesel, meals, and sundries this left little of my wage and with my wife's money paying the mortgage and other sundries (like food and horrible things like car servicing) we were just about bobbing up and down on the sea of financial sufficiency.

I would have thought it may have been a bit more stressful that I anticipated but have been loving taking care of the kids. We got out on a few trips before the terrible chickenpox hit. Gutted we are missing the Ballyclare May Fair :( but the youngest is still in no mood to be able to take her out. Plus I don't want to be the cause of a chicken pox outbreak.

I am now thinking of moving on with my own consultancy, but we will see how far and where that takes me! 

The kids have also been ill, playing 'tag chickenpox'. So the house has been unclean for a few weeks now.

Add into the mix coming mid ranking in a 40K Tournament, being a spokesperson for the Anne Frank Trust and helping at the opening of the Arkham gaming Centre running a big Apocalypse game and helping kids to learn the basics of 40K. Oh, and once again digging the garden.

I hope to get a number of posts up over the coming days reflecting on politics, social media and other tidbits. 



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