Thank you for all your votes (or how i found out people cared!)


Well.  How can i put this. I am number 15 on Iain Dale's top 20 Northern Irish blogs.

I really can't believe it.

And so i just want to say a big big thank you t you all.  It is weird, wonderful and cheesily humbling.

Although i keep 'self publishing' it always feels that because a blog can be so detached from real life and chatting face to face, i am almost holding a conversation in my head.  I am quite sure now most people reading this will be quite afraid about what goes on in my head.  With this feel of slight detachment, I always wonder really how many people truly read my meanderings.  Not only that, as i now kind of know with Google integrating its analytics with Blogger, but that people could actually think my blog is worth voting for.

It is absolutely wonderful that people felt interested and motivated enough to take time out to vote. And enough that it was not just a scrape in but landing me at number 15!!

No matter where, when or how whenever something you create is recognised by your peers as something of worth, no matter how little or how much, it is a humbling thing.

All I want say then is 'Thank you'.  Thank you for reading.  Thank you for commenting. And thank you for voting. 


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