NICVA #cgeni conference - Will Hutton slides


Will Hutton speaking at the NICVA Conference.  What do you think of his approach and ideas?

A photographic flavour of Creating a good economy conference


Just a small photographic flavour of the NICVA #cgeni Creating the Good Economy taking place in the Stormont Hotel today.

Also tweet @NICVA or @NICVACEE your questions throughout the day and follow #cgeni on twitter.  You can even ask your question via @williamcrawley

Don't forget the live blog over at Slugger!!

NICVA - Creating a good economy conference - the start


The stage is set
NICVA is putting on the 'Creating the Good Economy' Conference at the Stormont Hotel today.

There will be a number of panels during the day.  Up to lunch we have a panel discussion with Bob Stronge (Chair of NICVA), Arlene Foster (DETI Minister), Seamus McAleavey (NICVA Chief Executive) and Angela McGowan (Chief Economist at the Northern Bank).

The First Keynote address will be from Will Hutton (Principal of Hertford College, Oxford University as well as being the Chair of the Big Innovation Centre at the Work Foundation) on 'What can we do to create the good economy'.  There will be a panel discussion after with Will Hutton, Aideen McGinley (Cheif Executive of the ILEX Company), and Maureen Piggot ( Director of Mencap NI).


Bob Stronge delivered the opening address of the conference before Arlene Foster, Minister for DETI, speaks to the conference.

If you want to keep very much up to date you can also find a fully live blog with captured twitter stream as well over on Slugger O'Toole. :)

Your friendly neighbourhood Ninja


I just love the idea of a police force full of ninjas patrolling our streets. It might actually reduce crime.

Well in Somerset they already have one.

Lucky beggars!

NICVA Live - Assembly Hustings event 7 April 2011


NICVA is hosting a hustings event to provide the voluntary and community sector with the opportunity to question MLA candidates from across the political spectrum on the subject of their manifestos. The event will be hosted by William Crawley, journalist and broadcaster.  The event starts at 9.30am lasting to 1pm. This will be a live blog so join in. On twitter use the hashtag #nicva11

To follow the debate and even take part just click on the coveritlive below and it will show you how things are progressing.

Policing Board is not my friend :(


I have just received a Facebook notification from the Northern Ireland Policing Board asking me not to be offended that they no longer want to be my friend. Nothing like un-friending somebody and telling them you are doing so as well!

Though all is not lost, as they still have a Facebook Page that I can ‘like’.

Hmmmmm How can I ‘like’ you if you don’t want to be my friend? ;)

On a more serious note, the Board seems to have taken the decision to work with the terms and conditions of Facebook and decided to delete their profile. It is a tricky one but the general thought on the terms is that profiles are for personal use only and pages are for businesses, organisations, campaigns, etc. There is a lot of 'grey' in this area due to the focus of a business and how people actually interact.  Mind you i do seem to be friends with a few hotels, restaurants and pubs but have not seen any banter from them lately.

Do you have a view on the Profile / Page debate? 

NICVA Live - Issues for the Economy


I will be covering the NICVA Conference "Live issues for the Economy".  This is a conference for voluntary and community organisations to find out more about live issues relating to the economy and debate their impact. The event will give NICVA members the opportunity to find out more about the issues currently being debated in the Assembly and the media and consider their impact on the people and communities they work with.

It starts at 9:30am and goes on to 1:30pm in NICVA.  Current issues that will be covered include the proposals to lower Corporation Tax, the impact of welfare reform proposals in Northern Ireland and a review of economic policy in Northern Ireland as well as proposals for moving forward.


Political Priorities for Change
Keynote Address - deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness MLA

Deja-vu all over again - Economic policy in NI and dealing with the £4billion reduction
Esmond Birnie, Senior Economist, PriceWaterhouseCoopers

Debating Corporation Tax - the silver bullet or fatal bullet?
The case for: Joanne Stuart, Chair of Institute of Directors Northern Ireland
The case against: TBC, NICTU

Another £1billion disappearing? - The impact of Welfare Reform proposals in NI
Prof Eileen Evason, benefits expert and social commentator
Plenary discussion


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