Policing Board is not my friend :(

I have just received a Facebook notification from the Northern Ireland Policing Board asking me not to be offended that they no longer want to be my friend. Nothing like un-friending somebody and telling them you are doing so as well!

Though all is not lost, as they still have a Facebook Page that I can ‘like’.

Hmmmmm How can I ‘like’ you if you don’t want to be my friend? ;)

On a more serious note, the Board seems to have taken the decision to work with the terms and conditions of Facebook and decided to delete their profile. It is a tricky one but the general thought on the terms is that profiles are for personal use only and pages are for businesses, organisations, campaigns, etc. There is a lot of 'grey' in this area due to the focus of a business and how people actually interact.  Mind you i do seem to be friends with a few hotels, restaurants and pubs but have not seen any banter from them lately.

Do you have a view on the Profile / Page debate? 


Tony does stuff on 8:42 am said...

We have been advising business people to create "Pages" rather than "Accounts" for a good while now. However recently, we had a prospective client say to us that she believed her account worked better and grew much faster than her business page ever did. I wasn't sure how to respond, so I informed her that she was breaking the terms & conditions and that FB could crack down at any point. I also said that if it's working for her business, she should run with it, after all who am I to judge.

I've come to the conclusion that businesses need a clear social media strategy. Facebook might be good for one type of business but next to useless for another, who for example might benefit more off LinkedIn.

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