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Sir Reg for South Antrim
There have been many questions hanging over the constituency of South Antrim for a number of weeks and months now.

One being who is going to be the Conservative and Unionist candidate.

Tonight that question has been answered.

The Conservative and Unionist candidate will be Sir Reg Empey MLA.

At a UUP South Antrim Association Officers meeting this evening (Wednesday 7 April) the issue was discussed and the name of Sir Reg Empey MLA, Leader of the UUP, going forward as the South Antrim candidate to fight in the 2010 General Election was fully endorsed by the members present.

It seemed have been a fairly focussed meeting, purely discussing the candidacy and the processes surrounding it all.

And in the end it was agreed that Sir Reg is the candidate for South Antrim.

6 May here we come.....


Nick Robinson in his BBC Blog has reported that,

The starting line and the finishing post are now both in sight.

On Tuesday 6th April 2010 the current Prime Minister will announce the date of the general election.  Polling day will be Thursday 6 May.

And so the pitches to the electorate will come thick and fast from Gordon, David and Nick.

Nick (Robinson not Clegg) reports that Gordon Brown will dub the election "the big choice", and in his speech is expected to say: "The people of this country have fought too hard to get Britain on the road to recovery to allow anybody to take us back on the road to recession."

This is interesting as David is supposed to be giving a a speech with the theme of  "the Great Ignored"  and will argue that "good, decent people... they just want a reason to believe that anything is still possible in our country. This election is about giving them that reason, giving them that hope".

Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg will say: "Today is the beginning of the end for Gordon Brown" (well he is right there) before presenting himself and his party as the source of "real change and real fairness" (not so right here)

So what does this mean for Northern Ireland.  The two big slogans have a ring of familiarity about them.  

Gordon's  "The Big Choice" is very much apt to Northern Ireland.  The people of Northern Ireland will have 'a big choice' on 6 May this year on how they want to see our future develop.  Gordon has also, it must be said, closed down that big choice for us as much as he can, by constantly failing to recognise the equal rights of the citizens in this corner of the UK to vote for UK wide politics.  He has pandered to the pro-Irish republican section in his party (such as 'Red' Ken Livingston, Claire Short, Kevin McNamara, and Mo Mowlam) by ignoring the constituent rights of the people of Northern Ireland to be card carrying members of the Labour Party (not that I would be amongst them, but I know a number of people who are left leaning unionists who felt a bit peeved when re-directed towards the SDLP).

David's slogan is also pertinent to us in this wee province.  "The Great Ignored", to me, only helps to highlight the years of neglect we have suffered to ensure an 'acceptable level of violence' is contained in Northern Ireland - far from London or English economic centres.  David is now recognising the great ignored right across the UK and the need to engage them in helping to build a bigger, stronger, better United Kingdom.  He has recognised Northern Ireland as in his "own selfish and strategic interests, too." when he spoke at the UUP conference in 2008.  At least he is interested in us.  His reference to 'good, decent people' made me cringe a bit, due to the use of the 'decent people' moniker by the UUP in a previous election.  But his sentiments are worthy.

Maybe he will give us a reason to believe in UK wide politics once more.

Roll on 6 May.

What the papers say about their readers


And what do the Northern Ireland based papers say about us?

I dread to think.

Labour sponsors Unionist Unity!?!


The DUP Unionist Unity campaign e-petition - notice the sponsored link. (click on the picture to see more clearly)

Purile? Yes

Petty in pointing this out? Yes

Did I have an ironic laugh to myself? Yes

The link is also tagged Unionistfightback.  More like each other, again.


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