SCOOP: Sir Reg for South Antrim

Sir Reg for South Antrim
There have been many questions hanging over the constituency of South Antrim for a number of weeks and months now.

One being who is going to be the Conservative and Unionist candidate.

Tonight that question has been answered.

The Conservative and Unionist candidate will be Sir Reg Empey MLA.

At a UUP South Antrim Association Officers meeting this evening (Wednesday 7 April) the issue was discussed and the name of Sir Reg Empey MLA, Leader of the UUP, going forward as the South Antrim candidate to fight in the 2010 General Election was fully endorsed by the members present.

It seemed have been a fairly focussed meeting, purely discussing the candidacy and the processes surrounding it all.

And in the end it was agreed that Sir Reg is the candidate for South Antrim.


Anonymous said...

"fully endorsed" is an odd phrase. Sounds like an attempt to make support for his candidacy greater than it actually was. It obviously wasn't unanimous support or they'd just have said so. Therefore was there outright opposition or just plain lack of enthusiasm amongst the locals for Reggie then?

History of UCUNF is that we'll be sure to know all shortly.

Anonymous said...

It was in fact unanimous according to news reports.

Ivor Whitten on 11:55 am said...


Thanks for your comments.

There was no dissent at the endorsement. Fully or unanimously, I take your point but to me they mean the same. I do understand that we all look for the meanings behind the words.

Apologies if there was any confusion.

Dawn Baird on 5:53 pm said...

Ivor, good job on keeping us all up to date on the shenanigans, when we can't otherwise be bothered!

Ivor Whitten on 7:49 pm said...

Dawn - thanks. I will do my best not to put anyone to sleep, but I can't guarantee it.


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