How real living gets in the way of online life


Help! My fingers are superglued to the keyboard
Having an online life is nice, if you have the time.  And inclination.  Many people still look at me in a weird way when i start raving and frothing at the mouth over the wonders of Facebook, Twitter and blogging.  Mind you people have looked at me in that strange 'are you a looper' way for a very long time now anyway.

A lot of people still do not want anything to do with the internet and social networking, or at least the social networking that entails having to switch on a computer first.  Real life social networking is more than enough to be getting on with thank you very much.

There is more and more pressure as well online to be different and catchy.  I enjoy funny blogs, as the heavy stuff bores me to tears after a paragraph or two (not totally true, but funny is easier to read and normally has a barb in the humour).  Tweets almost now need to be insanely insightful or amusing (or from already famous people).  Or of course you need to be controversial in order to get a response from others (and notoriety at times)

However, to be able to be a top notch online social media guru you need to be, well, online.  This can pose a problem.  I live in the real world where i can actually touch friends instead of poking them (stop that sniggering at the back!!)  I also have things to pay for like a mortgage, car, childcare, etc.  To cover these costs i have to get up in the morning and go to work, just like many others.  I have not yet hit it rich enough to spend all day on the web, keeping up with all the information flying around.

So this poses a problem, especially in the evenings which are getting more precious all the time, how often do people, just nipping online to quickly look at their favourite sites, expect change?  How often should a one-man/woman blog be updated? Is it a blanket expectation or does it relate to the subject matter of the blog?

What do you think?

I would encourage anyone unlucky enough to have read this far leave a wee note and add their comments.


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