Mike is almost there


Mike aspiring to be MP
Just heard on that great bastion of Radio Ulster Evening Extra that Mike Nesbitt is at the very least interested in running for Parliament in the Strangford constituency.

He attended an interview in UUP HQ today.

So its confirmed he is interested.

Will he be the chosen one though?  We shall soon find out.

At last a use for Westminster


The BBC report that the Houses of Parliament will be available as a wedding venue to members of the public for the first time. Until now, only MPs, peers, certain parliamentary officials and their families could be married in conventional weddings there. But now Westminster City Council has granted a licence approving two rooms in the Palace of Westminster to be used for marriages and civil partnerships. The Jubilee Room, which overlooks Cromwell Green, has space for 80 people and the MPs' dining room, with views of the Thames, has space for 150.

At last a practical use for the Houses of Parliament.

Is Mike the man (again)?


Mr Bob Balls and his investigative genius (my compliment will completely undermine his dignity now!) has found that Mike Nesbitt has been garnering lots and lots of friends on Facebook.

Doesn't matter too much, as i can very smugly say i have more than twice the number of friends he has. hehehe.

Mike also attended the Young Unionist Conference on 6th February, he was invited as a guest speaker to talk about being a Victims Commissioner.  Have to say the coverage from Mr Ulster was excellent and gave a really good flavour of the event.  Mike was, to my mind, strangely on a par with Brian Rowan, who i heard speak at the Healing Through Remembering event which i covered.

I know it seems to be stoking things up, but a bit of gossip is always a bit of fun.  

Go go PowerBalls!


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