Adventures in caravanning


Grrrrrr Brrrrrrrmmmmm

I am not sure exactly how it happened but it seems to have jumped out and shouted surprise like a stealthy but flabbergasted halibut. I have succumbed to my wife's wishes to take part in that most bizarre of past-times the general British and Irish public take part in – caravanning.

After being regaled by my wife about the wonders of her childhood being stuck in a caravan where you used the toilet on pain of death and how she could hear the wind and rain battering it at night, i am not sure why i was not immediately jumping at the chance to own our very own house with wheels.

Eventually I found myself ground down, but with one last throw of the die I insisted I got to choose the powerhouse to pull the thing.  So we both ended up winners.  My wife got her caravan and I got my 2003 Land Rover  Discovery.  Huzzah!!

Chez residence
And so D-Day or should that be C-Day (Caravan Day) approached and the beachhead of choice was...... Benone.  And so Operation how long til we divorce began.

It was our eldest's fourth birthday and this was part of her present (I am sure she was not that bad, but there you go).  Kids are actually really great to have about the place, mostly for the fun factor and placing bets on what random thing will come out of their tiny mouths next, like 'why is the caravan following us?' and 'why is the sofa now a bed?'.

On the Road to Benone
So we stayed from Friday night to Sunday afternoon and i have to say, through gritted teeth, i actually really enjoyed the whole experience.  Maybe the lack of sleep made me slightly more delirious than normal.

We went into Limavady on the Saturday which was such an wonderful surprise as it is a wee gem of a place.  We had lunch in Cafe Rendezvous which was welcoming, clean and most importantly child/family friendly.  I had the Ulster Fry (quelle Surprise!) while Zara had the Killer Whale sized Cod and the girls split the hotdog and chips. Then we mooched around a lovely little bookshop called 'Books Upstairs' where i picked up a nice copy of Nietzche's 'Beyond Good and Evil' (instead of 'A Journey' by some bloke without a moustache).

Back to Deighan's Caravan park and then onto the beach.  What can I say.  Benone is a beautiful beach streatching from the caravan park right across to Downhill.  I absolutely loved it.  On the Sunday it was back to the windswept beach to dig sand build sandcastles and, as it happened, help a German couple dig their van out of the sand. I love my Discovery!  Then it was all packing up and clearing out to head back home again.

I am looking forward to our next adventure!!


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