17 out of 18 ain't bad

Who can find the eighteenth??
Well, by now everyone knows that the Conservatives and Unionists have ratified 17 out of a possible 18 candidates to stand in every constituency in Northern Ireland.

There are of course some eyebrows raised about the missing 18th candidate.  Not the smoothest of electoral campaigns, but then again when does any electoral campaign go entirely to plan??

The 17 selected so far are

Antrim East –          Rodney McCune
Antrim North –        Irwin Armstrong
Belfast North –        Fred Cobain
Belfast South –        Paula Bradshaw
Down North –          Ian Parsley
East Belfast –          Trevor Ringland
Fermanagh and 
South Tyrone –        Tom Elliott
Foyle –                    David Harding
Lagan Valley –          Daphne Trimble
Londonderry East –   Lesley Macaulay
Mid Ulster –             Sandra Overend
Newry and 
Armagh –                 Danny Kennedy
Strangford –             Mike Nesbitt
South Down –          John McCallister
Upper Bann –           Harry Hamilton
West Belfast –          Bill Manwaring
West Tyrone –          Ross Hussey

South Antrim has yet to be decided.

If the UNCUNF project wanted to give their candidates the best possible chance they should have all been chosen well before Christmas 2009. But as they say 'you play the hand you are dealt.'

from what i have heard there have been issues on both the Conservative and the UUP sides. Its a shaky start but may yet find the problems ironed out as the campaign progresses.

If they are really stuck in South Antrim, I'm available. ;)


Staff at on 9:55 pm said...
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bobballs on 9:56 pm said...

Draft Whitten!

Ivor Whitten on 10:18 pm said...

I can see it now - Whitten for Westminster.

Catchy or what??


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