Wheel meet again.......maybe?

Wheel divorcing Belfast
The BBC has just reported that the big Belfast wheel, otherwise known as 'thon eyesore', is to have its final turn at 6pm on Sunday 11 April 2010.

The Wheel has been at Belfast City Hall since October 2007, originally to only stay for six months. The popularity of the wheel its stay extended. The Northern Ireland Environment Agency objected to the wheel staying any longer for fears that it might become a permanent feature beside a listed building.

So why is such a well known attraction stopping now?

Apparently, Great City Attractions, who own the Wheel, lodged a planning application last year to keep running it until next summer. The DOE have yet to pass the application and have told the BBC that it is still under consideration.

I guess the operators just got fed up with the length of time the application has been 'under consideration'

Readers may note that the final ride is on the day before the devolution of policing and justice is to be fully implemented for Northern Ireland. Does the Wheel operators know something we do not? Hmmm, coincidence or a conspiracy theorists dream??

I have not been on the wheel, maybe I will have to go now. A lot of friends have been up on the Wheel and all have loved it. Maybe it reflects that old Clubsound song 'The singing Farmer', in which you can hear the refrain,

"I'm the singin' Farmer,
And I come from Aughafatten,
Country folk think i'm great,
City slickers think i'm Rotten"

Grrrr, all you city slickers!


pam said...

maybe its a clever marketing ploy by the company to ensure that folk like us who haven't been on it go on it in the next few weeks, then suddenly it's not going anywhere ...


Anonymous said...

No it's not. The company that own the wheel want to stay, the council have not renewed the lease due to pressure from the titanic society and the environment agency. What a loss for belfast


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