Prep me up..... Part two (updated)

Capturing social media for campaigning
Well my goodness, a lot of activity has been generated around the issue of Prep Schools on the old interweb.

Both Bobballs (here and here) and Jeff Peel (here and here) have posted about the issues around Prep Schools. As I have myself (here).

Then what do i find?

I find grassroot activism by the parents of children who go to Prep Schools, or went to prep schools, or are just concerned about the issue who are using Facebook to voice their concerns

 Not only amongst themselves, but using it to engage with politicians, publicise information, and encourage further activism.  One proof that Northern Ireland has begun to haul itself out of the 'What's a computer?' age into the 'Arrrgh, this broadband is too slow' age is that an increasing number of our elected representatives now realise and engage with the online constituency.  A number of politicians, such as George Savage MLA and Jeffrey Donaldson MP MLA, have fanned the Facebook page, and actually, wait for it......., posted on the page, reacted to feedback from the contributors and shared information.

Kudos, my elected representative friends, Kudos.

Jeff Peel has also reported that parents, concerned about the Department of Education’s plans to remove funding from prep schools, have created a campaign blog as well.

UPDATE (25 Mar 10 17:45)
Down High Prep Parents Group have also gone all bloggy too.  

Great use of a free social media tool to keep a lot of people informed and up to date on issues as they develop. 

It truly is amazing to see people so active in real politics and using the resources to hand to press the point, especially to politicians. A real example of engaged democracy indeed.

Go interweb. Yeah.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving our blog site a mention. We are getting more and more visitors every day.

from Concerned Regent House Prep Department parent.


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