SCOOP: Sainsbury's takes on 'out of work' MLAs

Two of our MLAs have taken this to heart!
In a stunning move, according to the Belfast Telegraph's Lindsay Fergus (Business Telegraph, page 36, Monday 22 March 2010), Justin King (the Chief Executive of Sainsbury) has employed two apparently out of work MLAs.

The MLAs in question are Billy Armstrong (UUP MLA for Mid Ulster) who has been a servant of the people since 1998 (Good innings, Billy), and Conall McDevitt (brand spanking new SDLP MLA for South Belfast) who had only just taken on the mantle in January this year (unlucky, Conall - times really are tough!).

How you may ask?

Well, Justin King has just completed a 32 mile run in aid of Sport Relief (Stephen Nolan, take note) by running a mile at 32 Sainsbury locations around the UK.  The Holywood store was the first mile.  In the picture Justin is pictured with the two aforementioned ex-MLAs where the caption states 

'He was joined by Sainsbury's staff'.

Well, I suppose Billy could supply the farm produce and Conall could do the price checks and in store promotions!

Or is it proof of lobby tactics by Sainsbury's gone mad??

Please excuse the quality of the pic below, proving the transfer.

Billy and Conall take a change of direction in their careers.


Anonymous said...

How on earth could a charity supportingm, fitness awareness raising PR pic featuring two MLAs be evidence of lobbying gone mad?

I know your blog is a poor one, is that why your name is nowhere to be found on it? Or are you so famous we should all just recognise your picture?


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