SCOOP: UUP get new communication direction

Davy is new UUP communications director
Monday 22 March was the start of a new direction in communications in the Ulster Unionist Party. Why?

Because Davy Sims, the erstwhile media guru of Northern Ireland, has just had his first day as the Ulster Unionist Party Director of Communications. (Not sure whether I should be congratulating him, or commiserating with him.)

It is well in the public domain that the UUP has had a few of communication problems in the past, including the resignation of Alex Kane (the previous UUP Director of Communication).

There are definitely plenty of issues to keep Davy busy.  Though I know that Davy is well placed to take forward this challenging position.

Davy is a broadcaster, writer and communications consultant with a wealth of experience and skills.

He was the head of New Media in BBC Northern Ireland and Chair of Digital Circle – the representative body for the digital content industry in Northern Ireland, a member of the board of Momentum the representative body for the ICT industry in Northern Ireland and a member of the board of the charity Public Achievement.

He began his broadcasting career began in 1979 with Downtown Radio where he established himself as a pioneering DJ highlighting new and emerging music. In 1986 he joined BBC Northern Ireland where he launched the Radio Ulster programme 'The Bottom Line' (later re-named Across the Line) which he produced and presented once a week.

In 1989 Davy spent six months at BBC Radio 4 as a senior producer making social action campaigns for BBC Radio 1, including the first Green Week supporting environmental action and documentaries for the project 'The Radio 4 Generation'. Upon returning to Radio Ulster Davy worked in News and Current Affairs.

In 1991, Davy was appointed Radio 4 Chief Producer leading the social action programme team. From 1992 until 1999 Davy stayed with BBC Northern Ireland as a radio producer.
In 1999 he became the first online producer for BBC Northern Ireland producing web sites for Ballykissangel, Across the Line and On Your Behalf. In 2001 he was promoted to Editor New Media where he remained until 2008 when he took voluntary redundancy from the BBC.

And now to add to his impressive CV, he has taken on the mantle of Director of Communications for the Ulster Unionist Party.

I have the great pleasure of knowing Davy and he is a man of vision.  I have to say that he is more than capable of succeeding in the role and i wish him every success. It is a challenging role and, knowing Davy, one he will relish.  He would need to there are plenty of things coming up, not least a General Election on 6 May.

Well done Davy, and an excellent choice for the UUP.


mccabej2 on 12:04 pm said...

Good news for the UUP then. It looks like a case of the right man for the right job. Hope all goes well for them.....they deserve a break.

Anonymous said...

I suspect he'll not last long

Anonymous said...

Good luck to him! It'll be like bringing fire to cavemen. I hope they are smart enough to utilise it...

Anonymous said...

Poor Davy. Nice chap too.


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