The House of Hanna continues.....

Stepping into her mother's shoes,
but ploughing her own furrow
Earlier in the year, Carmel Hanna (SDLP MLA for South Belfast since 1998) retired from her long time in elected politics. Carmel qualified as a Registered Nurse, and then as a Midwife.

Politically, Carmel was a member of the SDLP since 1972. She was a Belfast City Councillor for the Balmoral electoral until 2008 and of course was an MLA for 12 years.

In the Assembly, Carmel was a member of the Health Committee and was the SDLP Spokesperson on Health and Public Safety since 2003. She was appointed Minister for Employment and Learning in the Northern Ireland Executive until its suspension in 2002.

So it had all come to an end on 18 January 2010.

The Hanna is retired, long live the Hanna.


That's right, Hanna is back on the political scene. Esrtwhile daughter of Carmel, Claire, has just been selected by the SDLP party faithful in the Strangford constituency to stand as their Parliamentary Candidate.

I am actually delighted by the news and wish Claire all the best (although I am sure you will probably guess that I would not like her to do too well!!). I know her well enough to be genuinely pleased about her selection. She is a hard worker and has a delightful personality.

Claire has been working for Concern as their Campaigns & Communications Officer since 2005.

I can also see the possibility of the Hanna name picking up the Suffix 'MLA' once more.

Sorry Claire, my congratulations will probably turn out to be a kiss of death.  Sorry about the picture too - best i could get.



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