Deirdre of the Sorrows

You put your right leg in,
right leg out
Oh dear - Deirdre Nelson really is not having a good political career.

Deirdre, a local councillor in Ballymena, quit the DUP last year after failing to secure the candidacy for the European elections. She joined the Conservatives, completely bypassing the UUP along the way, and was a nominee for candidacy at the General Elections. Having failed to actually get the candidacy she has once again upped sticks and left the Conservatives.

She was one of three, along with Peter McCann and Sheila Davidson, regarded as a potential General Election Conservative and Unionist candidates, who withdrew their names over any number of issues. After a mere nine months she has severed her Tory membership.

To really rub it in, the DUP has made it quite plain that she will not be welcomed back into the fold.

The Belfast Telegraph article on Friday reports that a DUP source said: “While a very capable and effective elected representative, Mrs Nelson has failed the loyalty test. There is no way back for her.” To really give her a kicking while she was down, the same source also said that Mrs Nelson could have been a future North Antrim MLA if Ian Paisley jnr retains the House of Commons seat his father has held for 40 years.

Mrs Nelson is believed to be considering a statement over her unhappiness with how she was treated by the Conservatives.

Maybe recycle her statement over her unhappiness with how she was treated by the DUP?


Sozzals on 10:32 pm said...

Aren't the conservatives in Norn Iron another one of those joke parties who are made up of...

1. People who are complete lunatics
2. People who really shouldn't be in politics. Ever.
3. People whose careers have failed everywhere else
4. Retired drunks


Anonymous said...

Do those points not apply to all political parties??

Rupert said...

Who says they are retired??? :P

Sozzals on 8:56 pm said...

Posters 2 and 3 both have very valid points!

Ivor Whitten on 10:47 pm said...

Just shows politicians really have a lot to prove to the public. There have been too many scandals recently.


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