Real IRA try to hoax it up

From bombs in Omagh
to hoaxes in Belfast
Yesterday I had to endure hoax bomb alerts in Belfast during rush hour.  As did Londonderry and Newry.

Anyone who has to endure rush hour in Belfast will already know how slow it can be on the Lisburn Road.  Add in police cordon's because a bundle of idiots have decided that in order to free Ireland from the Saxon foe they have to cause gridlock.

Now lets be absolutely clear on what these cunning, brutal and heartless thugs really are.  They have the capability to  maim and murder.  Over the past year or so they have had a go at the Police Board HQ, Police stations, and commercial areas, they have booby trapped people's cars, they have murdered police and army personnel, and they have even brutally executed one of their own. They are far from bumbling rogues.  They must have none  of the emotions that makes a person a human being, especially if they can sleep at night after perpetrating such evil acts.   

Now, the question is this, why do they wage a war already lost to obtain something that will not happen?  They are, by physical force, trying to 'convince the people of Northern Ireland that the Brits have to go and that there is a United Ireland'.  I have had my fair share of bullies, and I won't be bullied by thugs with a megalomania complex.  How dare they!  Use of force means the argument is already lost.

Northern Ireland has enough problems to worry about at the moment like employment, job creation, education, health, social housing, heating, fuel prices.... the list goes on.  The Northern Ireland Executive will not fall because a fruitcake with an AK-47 fires of a few rounds at a police station,or because they plant hoaxes all over the place causing people to get seriously angry, or because they murder someone, or maim someone.

The people living in Northern Ireland are not angry at the Northern Ireland Executive or the institutions because of the actions of the 'I can't believe its not the IRA' brigade.  We will only get angry at those carrying out these actions of desperation.  We will get angry at the perpetrators who have nothing else to do than stop a father or mother from getting home to see their family.  We will get angry at the depraved animals who think its great to murder someone or maim them.  

In fact their actions help to solidify the solidarity the people of Northern Ireland, whether they be Unionist or Nationalist, in resisting the aims of these idiots.

I sat pondering these things on the Lisburn Road, as police cars and landrovers tried to navigate what little of the street that was visible through the vast number of commuters stuck in their own queue for the freedom of the open road.  I eventually reached home and saw my girls as they were about to go to sleep.  It may not mean much in the whole scheme of things, but my family mean a lot to me.  They are my priority.  

And those scumbuckets denied my precious evening time with my family.  

Yes it could have been worse, a lot worse.  But in the context of the moment and of my own priorities at that time, that does not matter.

really, all that be said in the end is that their arguments, their ethos, their vision is lost.  They have no legitimacy.  They have no mandate.  They have no reason for existence. 


Sozzals on 2:54 pm said...

Do you ever just wish that someone would invent a memory wiping device so that we could erase all the bullshit of the past few hundred years and just get on with life?

Or move all the genocidist inbreds from both sides of the community to a desert island (who, in reality make up a very small percentage of the population of northern ireland), give them all a weapon of choice and let them fight it out. Hell, it might be even amusing to watch, we could make it into a reality show. This would include the politicians and various people who consider themselves "leaders" who are doing most of the shit stirring with their huge bloody big pots.

These people clearly have nothing better to do with their time than piss everyone else off. It's just a few annoying twats on both sides causing the shit - the rest of us couldn't care less who rules us because let's face it, politicians are the same no matter where you go - they're all power-hungry asshats.

Rant over - that felt good. *wanders off to make a cuppa*

Ivor Whitten on 9:21 pm said...

Kettle is always on at Hand of History :)

Thanks for commenting - you have hit on a vein of frustration ordinary day to day people are feeling with all this disruption.

Anonymous said...

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