Hateful viruses, scuzie malware and scumsucky trojans

It seems to be a week of it for me. My desk top computer just received a wonderful message from a computer security programme that i was being attacked by trojan programmes and they were attacking my programmes and eating up my hard drive.  In fact it was kindly scanning my hard disk for all these nasty viruses, trojans and malware.

That was kind of it.

It also said that all i had to do to ensure it is all cleaned up and dumped nicely off of my computer and everything back to normal, was to click on the button to 'Get full time protection now'.

This wonderful security programme is called 'Security Central'.  The pop-up window is very professional, and kind of reminds me of AVG anti-virus (which is installed).

As a natural reaction I was about to click on buttons I should not be clicking on.  But wait! I never installed this software, I found it very strange that I suddenly had all these viruses when I used AVG, and I really did not like the feeling I was getting when I saw the button for the full activation.

I did not click - if it happens to you.  DO NOT CLICK!

Now, the rub.  'Security Central' is one of the scummiest, most hateful and spiteful, malware programmes.

Security Central pretends to be an anti-spyware program that uses deceptive advertising and aggressive techniques to protect itself from removal. This program is installed without your consent through the use of malware that when executed, silently downloads and installs Security Central in the background before it launches. Once launched it will scan the computer and display an increasing number of false detected infections. Security Central will then not allow you to remove these 'infections' without first purchasing Security Central. The infections are not really there, so no need to panic.  Security Central is trying to scare you into purchasing it.

To protect itself, Security Central will not allow you to run executable programs any anti-malware programs until the process is terminated.  This will obviously make you think that the viruses are for real.

I have just googled Security Central and I have found a few different websites that show you how to get rid of this hateful software.  I will have a go and let you know how I get on.



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