A General or a Specific election??

What about 'none of the above'?
I am putting my money on 6th May 2010 for the wonderful General Election.

I know there are lots rumours doing the rounds.  Indeed today Gordon is supposed to be announcing that the General Election will be taking place on 25th March.  All I would say is, if you are as sad as I am, have a wee gander over to General Election Timetables.

There you will see an illustrative timetable of potential election dates and when the 'Proclamation of Dissolution' has to happen.  The 'Proclamation of Dissolution' is basically when the Prime Minster goes to the Queen and asks her to dissolve her Parliament, and she  agrees.

You will see from the timetable that today (Monday 1 March 2010) is the day for the 'Proclamation of Dissolution' for the 25th Match to be the election day, when you and I get to once again drudge down to the local polling stations to vote for people we are not quite sure off.

The rumours for 25th March are now fading big time.  And as you can see below, we will have a few more rumour filled weekends to go through.  Right up to the timings for a June 3 election.

So why do I still stick to 6th May?

  1. Its been the longest persisting rumour.
  2. A number of Labour Grandees have let it slip now and again.
  3. It is the date of the Local Elections in England
  4. Its a nice time of the year to have it.
  5. Its not the holiday season, so more people will be at home.
  6. And, from the Northern Ireland perspective, the date for the 'Proclamation of Dissolution' is 12 April.
Hold on, I have heard that date before, I hear you say (for the pedants, I do not mean this literally! Unless people who read this actually do track me down and do actually speak to me.)

Yes, you have heard this before.  In the Hillsborough Agreement. On page 4.  First Section.

It is the date that Policing and Justice powers will be devolved from Westminster to Northern Ireland.

So what? Its not going to win anyone an election to Westminster.  Well, no it isn't.  But the powers can not be devolved by a dissolved Westminster.  It still has to be in session for the legislation for devolving the powers to be enacted.

A dissolved Westminster does not have any MPs, nor does it debate, nor does it pass legislation.

Ergo, (using latin makes me feel so superior) the Prime Minister will not be announcing dissolution before the 12th April 2010, as he agreed to the timings for devolution at the Hillsborough negotiations.

Now all I need is for Gordon Brown to read this and then call  a snap election, just to spite me.


Unionist voter said...

Think you are right. 6th May makes sense.

Is this an attempt by Gordon Brown to claim the last piece of the Northern Ireland puzzle?? and rub it up Blair??

Anonymous said...

It's an ideal fudge - "We'll have to hold on a wee bit for issues X, Y and Z because there's an election, Westminster won't be back up and running for a wee bit and sure the officials will be in purdah, so calm yourself we've all agreed and we can wait a wee bit longer, sure can't we?"

Also, remember that 12th April is the 'last' date an election can be called for a May 6th poll. Brown could announce earlier and theteby avoid a budget...

Ivor Whitten on 10:05 pm said...


Agree on the fudging bit.

However, if he announces 6 May election before 12 April then NI does not get policing and justice. Which is what Brown agreed along with Cowan.

Brown/Darling could use the budget to tie the Tories into high spending for the next couple of years.


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