Bombs, bullets and bodies

Newry Courthouse after bomb went off
Well, once again we are hearing about things that we thought had been consigned to the history books to remind us of how man can be so inhuman to man.

From security alerts, to shooting at police stations, to bombs going off, to car booby trap bombs, to murdering army and police personnel, to punishment shootings, and now to brutally murdering a man and dumping his body at the side of the road.

Proof our 'normal society with normal politics' is not quite as it seems yet.

These people, if i can call them that, have no place in our society.  They have no mandate. They have no political goals. They are continuing to fight a lost war.  

The vast majority of the people of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland do not want these people to continue in what they are doing.

But they will not listen?  They seem addicted to inflicting pain, suffering and misery on the people of the Island of Ireland.  They refuse to accept the majority of the people of Northern Ireland do not want a united Ireland, nor do they seem to realise that the Republic of Ireland would not be able to subsume 6 more counties into the national remit.  

I accept many people in Northern Ireland have the aspiration for a united Ireland.  Unlike these murderous thugs, they also accept and respect the majority wish of the people of Northern Ireland to remain as part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.  We are now trying to find a way to ensure political ideologies that embrace democratic and peaceful means of governance can work together, regardless of aspirations of one type or another, to ensure a stable society at peace with itself and prosperous for everyone.

There has been far too much bloodshed. It has to stop now. 

Anyone with information has a duty to society, their family and themselves to pass on information in any way they can in order to stop these blood thirsty morons from continuing their acts of terror.



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