SDLP want a 'Mike Nesbitt' too??

Could May be standing for Westminster
Reading the Sunday Life (only in the real life copy) and found a tiny little piece on the possibility of a 'celebrity' SDLP  candidate for the Fermanagh and South Tyrone Westminster seat in the 2010 general elections.

Now where have i heard this before? Oh yes, Mike Nesbitt is the UUP celebrity candidate running in Strangford constituency.

Now there are a few questions raised by this rumour.  It is Northern Ireland and that means the likes of May McFettridge counts as a celebrity.  Hmmmm, you could almost see it now.  May McFettridge out electioneering so that she can be elected to one of the biggest and longest running pantomimes in the world.  

This would mean she would not have to wait for Christmas anymore.

Or perhaps the SDLP have snagged their very own tv or radio star.  We shall wait and see.



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