Assembly to set up group on America in hope of free trips.

'Junkets to the USA'
Do you fancy a possible trip to the USA?

Looks like our MLAs do.  Our wee province has so many international issues to solve, one being relations with the USA, that wee country that we like to help out every so often by providing them a welcome foreign affairs distraction so they can quietly ignore domestic issues or places outside the US like Iraq.

We have provided many a US President with wonderful opportunities to get in touch with their 'Oirish' side, drink some Guinness for photo opportunities and grandstand on a massive media platform on how they can bring peace to the infighting natives.

So what does oor wee Assembly do? They set up an All Party USA Group

Its good to know that our MLAs will probably have set their sights on junkets fact finding missions in order to garner more information for the All Party USA Group.  This will bring the number of All Party Groups and All Party Assembly Groups to 18. 

Just so you all know All Party Assembly Groups are made up with a membership of Assembly Members only. All Party Groups has a membership open to both MLAs and non-MLAs (i.e. you and me).  Maybe a few wealthy Americans might be able to pay for the unavoidable trips to the States then.


Peter on 11:53 pm said...

So Ivor, these publicly funded U.S. fact finding trips that people are so keen to pursue and participate on... Would you refuse one on moral grounds?

Justin on 4:40 pm said...

Go on Ivor answer Peter's Question?


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