Stop yer drinkin' n' drivin', ya clamppet!! - Shock call by ACC McCausland for capital punishment

Just to discuss something other than Robinsongate, I note that the BBC reports a piece on drink-driving.

The BBC notes that out of 5780 tests, there were 414 drink-drivers caught over the limit during Christmas. Three were PSNI officers. The officers, off-duty when they were caught (thank goodness for small mercies!) have been suspended and could be fast-tracked for dismissal as the PSNI considers drink-driving as a severe breach of its code of ethics and a sackable offence.

A really interesting part to the article was the call by Assistant Chief Constable Duncan McCausland for new powers to seize and destroy the cars of convicted drink-drivers. Under current Scottish law, people's cars can be taken to be crushed or auctioned if they are repeat offenders.

Not sure though if ACC McCausland quite grasped what he was saying when he gave out his warning to drink-drivers on radio, and repeated in the BBC piece
"You lose your licence, you lose your car, you could lose your liberty and also sadly, you could lose your life"
You heard it here folks. ACC McCausland is calling for capital punishment for drink-drivers!

He threatens that if you are caught you will lose your licence, car, liberty and life (even though, it seems, this last bit is with a heavy heart).

OK, OK - I know what he is getting at, but his use of grammar in this instance is a bit ..... off.

I have to say though I would support this power for the police, once the drink-driving incident has been proven through the normal procedures. However, I would not be in favour of crushing the car - much better to send it to auction and recoup some money for our public services.

What was slightly disconcerting as well was that the youngest offender during Christmas was 16. Yup, that's right 16! Methinks, he or she may have been breaking a few other laws, like not having a licence for instance. Then again he, or she, could have been a drunken screwball in charge of an Mowing machine or a Moped - yes thats right a 16 year old can be on the road driving a mowing machine or on a moped. I hope for his or her own credibility it was a moped.



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