The blond bombshell set to sit in Craigavon (Update)

From all indications, it looks like that Jo-Anne Dobson, the UUP blond bombshell (i hope she doesn't slap me for that!), will be the newest elected politician in Northern Ireland as Councillor in Craigavon Borough Council.

It is being reported in the Newsletter that Jo-Anne has around 2,600 votes to David Calvert's 830. Roughly about 64% of the vote. I also used some of my sources (makes me look important. Doesn't it?) just to make sure.

UPDATE (12.30): Final results of voting declared

UUP 2494
TUV 752
SF 401
SDLP 256
spoiled 33

This will be a bit of a boost to the UUP/Conservative morale and shows the level of support for the TUV (David Calvert) in the area.

Though in the end how much can it really be seen as a barometer?
  • The DUP did not run a candidate, and in the current climate it would have been a very for a DUP candidate.
  • There was a very low turnout of around 23% (just under 4,000 voters) out of the 16,403 electorate.
  • Jo-Anne Dobson is better looking than David Calvert.
However, it is a Unionist stronghold and the most worrying thing for Unionists of any hew is ensuring the same apathy does not continue into the upcoming 2010 Westminster or 2011 NI Assembly elections.

Upper Bann is most likely to stay in Unionist hands for Westminster, but that should not be taken for granted.

There are now three Unionist parties in the mix. The big damage could be done to the DUP from this, with David Simpson (DUP) being the sitting MP, as the TUV would cut into their vote more than the UUP. But the biggest issue is as ever is unionist voter apathy.

The UUP candidate front runner for Westminster seems to be 'Flash' Harry Hamilton (who puts on a fantastic Queen tribute show - seen him a couple of times), but even that is not guaranteed with the UUP/Conservative link up. Maybe David Cameron will not push a Conservative candidate if Harry gives David a VIP ticket to his next concert!

There is a 'Hammer to Fall', but on whom will it fall?



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