Sit down, down, down, sit down next to me.....

Lots has been happening on the Unionist front with much made of the 'Pan-Unionist Front', and while sounds slightly better than UCU-NF, it still has a ring of 'Monty Python's Life of Brian' about it.

There is a lot of debate on what this means, and has been linked to the three Conservative nominees stepping down (this has been covered on Bob Balls and very nicely on Ian Parsley's blogpost)

Eamonn Mallie in a slugger post has highlighted a possible Conservative attitude towards the DUP -
"They want blood from the DUP not handshakes".
Yet many others on slugger are reading many different aspects on the future of Unionism.

The whole 'Unionist unity' thing is becoming rather silly. It would necessitate major compromise between the UUP and DUP, and would not now send out a positive message to the growing number of the electorate just giving up on politics altogether. Maybe thisspeculation would have been very welcome 15 to 30 years ago, but the whole political environment has gone global and we seem to be left behind again.

Whatever happens next, I think the unionist electorate will punish Unionist parties in general if there is no 'product' (clichés haven't gone away you know!) for them to see. The 'grass roots' are trying to cope with lack of employment, rising costs and keeping a roof over their head.

Maybe if we were given the option of signing a promise not to break the law and dividing up the £800 Policing and Justice budget between us all (about £470,000 each). If we break the law, that money is taken away and divided up amongst the rest.

What do you think?



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