the deadline approaches

Hillsborough Castle

Well today is the day.  Maybe.

Really what is going on?

Looks like at the moment the cavalry is riding in.  But here is the thing - i think the deal is already done and dusted.  What this current situation is is just to do with electioneering.

The problem is not getting the parties to agree - i think they do agree and have said publicly that they all want policing and justice to be devolved.

The issue is saving face and not being seen to back down from each other.  Hopefully the 'official' deal can be done today so we can worry about piddly things like affording our homes, electricity, food, education, employment and generally staying alive.


Zara on 11:52 am said...

Has anyone worked out the cost of devolution to date? Including MLA salaries, expenses and costs of these crisis talks? I want my money to be spent on hospitals and education, not this. Get it sorted out!!

Anonymous said...

That's not Hillsborough Castle. That's locally called the fort.

Below is the castle

Ivor Whitten on 3:03 pm said...


Thank you for that correction. Much appreciated.


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