Treacle days!

No, not in a nice sweet way.  I have had so many things I wanted to blog about recently but never got round to it.  A list as long as my arm.  But again real life gets in the way. 

Even worse when Treacle days happen.  Let me explain, Treacle days are days when you struggle through your work but find at the end of the day you are not only exhausted and ready to reach for the headache tablets but there is a real sense of lack of achievement.

This does not mean you have been sitting on your backside doing nothing all day, but rather working through papers, emails or anything else just to stand still.  But you feel like you have wading through a river of treacle all day in a way that has drained you both physically and mentally.

I am hoping everyone has a sort of day like this, at least in order to make me feel a bit better.

I think what adds to this is the onset of Winter, darker colder days and the stuffy offices where the heating is on maximum, the windows are closed and the fluorescent lighting starts hurting your eyes.  Then you step outside and find yourself drenched and frozen.  Not good.

Feeling run down because your family or friends kindly pass on their bugs does not in any way help.  In my case it was my little girls who wonderfully decided to give me a dose of their cold bugs. 

I think Geoff McGimpsey summed it up nicely and have plumped for being SAD. 

How does everyone else cope with Treacle Days?

I will try and get on the blog trail again.  must.  just.  lift.  fingers.  to.  keyboard. 


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