I can't vote, I live in America.

...though I can't as I live in the US

The DUP are up and running with their billboard campaign.  And as we will all find over the next few weeks we will be inundated with the things.

However, as with social media, you can get caught out very easily indeed if you are not being as true to your brand as possible.  Which in this case, has happened.  Woops

The billboard reads, 

I want an MP who answers to us - not the Tories.  I'm voting DUP

All well and good until..........you find out that the lovely young lady can not actually vote for the DUP.  She is not even on the electoral register.  In fact, she is not even in the country.  She is an American lady and can be bought, if you so desire, over the old interweb from a stock photo vendor at iStockPhoto.com

Now this is not the first time political parties have used this here.  there was the rather awful Ulster Unionist Party stock photo for its 'Decent People....' campaign a number of years ago.  The genius of Newton Emerson and his acerbic wit did a wonderful rehash of the poster, with a more cutting and probably accurate strapline. 'Decent people.......Leave Ulster'.  And I am not totally sure the people in the picture could take part in voting for any of our political parties, either.

The Labour and Conservative parties are real experts in the 'poke fun at the opposition' game.

Labour have MyDavidCameron and Conservatives have The Department of Government Waste.

Labour also tried to have a go at David and the Tories by photoshopping him onto the body of Detective Gene Hunt from 'Ashes to Ashes' with the strapline 'Don't let him take Britain back to the 1980s'.  A good poster, but it seriously backfired when the Conservative wags got their hands on it they turned a negative spin into a positive spin.

While i am a geek regarding the serious conviction of how politics can be a driver for the good of society, I really do love to see witty, funny and wit filled party campaigns as well.  its good to have a sense of humour, and there is the old saying 'If you couldn't laugh, you would cry'


Anonymous said...

This is a rather silly post to be honest and not much substance either. Every ad campaign for every product, political or otherwise uses these sort of pictures. No one believes that Jamie Oliver shops at Sainsbury or that David Beckham uses a Mach 3 razor. If this is the best you can do!!!

Ivor Whitten on 11:11 am said...

True, it is a silly post, but then that's how I wrote it.

Your points are very valid indeed, up to a point. Ad campaigns are designed to influence behaviour in people who see those ads. It obviously be debated how effective they can be, especially in relation to politics. My post is a bit of fun, that's all. Not everyone's sense of humour, but there you go.

It also now transpires that the stock photo should not have been used in the first place under the terms and conditions of iStockPhoto. See the BBC NI Report

No, its not the best I can do, but I try not to take myself too seriously with these posts. They are just my musings.

Thanks for your comments and taking the time to read my blog.

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