Nesbitt is da man....maybe....

It has been reported that Mike Nesbitt has been touted to stand for the UUP in the Strangford constituency in the General Election.

Yes, of course, i too would leave a £64,000 safe job for a possible £64,000 job without at least three other people to share the blame with. It would also be slightly unfair to the candidates already selected to go to the UUP selection committee and then having to contend with the prospect of standing aside for a Conservative candidate.

This does remind me of the Tim Collins period.

Not that Mike wouldn't do well. Indeed i think he would probably be a great candidate, and sounds a little like Northern Ireland becoming a place were people can become more involved in politics without feeling too embarrassed. But I don't think it will happen.

But then again, in Northern Ireland stranger things can happen. And some mighty strange things have happened.


d_a_v_e_ on 1:25 am said...

He seems a bit too normal for Norn Oirish politics. Can he handle a gun OK? Has he any relatives involved in sex scandals? Is he a good preacher, can he sing like Our Willie?

If UTV's Frank Mitchell got into politics now????

Ivor Whitten on 2:09 pm said...

Mike Nesbitt versus Frank Mitchell.

Now that would be a political fight worth watching.


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