the value of sharing

I have found blogspot to be very versatile.

While i see a lot of people out there using wordpress, my first blogging tool is still favourite. I do remember having a wordpress account somwhere and remembering getting very bored with it very quickly as once i became familiar with the features i found i could not change them. Or at least i could if i paid for the service - but being the stingy person that i am i dropped it.

There seems to be lots you can do to blogger - either go with a log with the ready made template to get you started, to adding drag and drop widgets to being able to completely rewrite the CSS.

I have now noticed that there is tumblr on the scene, and of course i duely signed up to see what the fuss is about. Mine is at - but it is very bare at the moment. It seems to be slick but versatile. Kind of a blog version of twitter. Its nice but i really need to take it for a good test run.

Of course twitter is big on the scene at the moment and growing, though i think it will plateau very soon. I have found this to be extremely useful as i have been able to link it up to my Facebook account, so twitter will update my status on Facebook as well. I have a delicious setup now as well which i am slowly populating. I have also joined FriendFeed which i am still getting my head around and use twitterfeed for my blog as well. And you will see the add this button at the bottom of the post

The big thing here is sharing. Its all about passing it around - like a free newspaper that you find yourself reading, without knowing really why, when in the barber shop waiting for the next available slot for a hair cut. But instead of just leaving it back on the chair for the next unsuspecting customer to feel the urge to read, this way it comes with a recommendation. 'here, read this. I did and i liked it'.

So, if you like it, share it.

Virtual word of mouth.

A very powerful sharing tool.



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