Pi Camp and rate you politican - new ways to engage with politics

Check out the Political Innovations Camp initiative as well as the Rate Your Politician social platform. I was unable to get to this being in sunny Castlerock at the time. Gutted i missed it but hope it happens again.

Check out the PiCamp and the R8yourpolitician websites


Anonymous said...

excellent new ways for politicians to engage with the electorate. Finally somthing positive is emerging after so many years of nothing.

More transparency
greater accountability
More engagement from the public, using social media to connect to politicians

Ivor Whitten on 12:40 pm said...

Like the attitude : )

Public engagement will be the saving grace for politicians, especially with the expenses scandels ripping through peoples trust of their politicians.

Sadly i was unable to attend - but i hope another event like this can be organised in the not too distant future. Well done Mick!!


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